Why US

who we are

Sarman Leathers manufacturing facilities are located in and around India's capital city New Delhi. The firm is professionally managed by promoters with more than 20 years experience in leather industry and MBA 's from  highly reputable US University.

Professionally Managed  & Modern Manufacturing

Stringent quality checks at all stages of production/post-production.

Sourcing raw materials from first source suppliers and lean manufacturing leads to very competitive cost of quality leather goods and accessories

Quality Leather Goods  at Very Competitive Prices

Ability to produce 90,000-100,000 units of leather goods and accessories per month.

As fashion is time sensitive, therefore we put great emphasis on delivering goods as per committed time.

High Production Capacity with Timely Delivery

Capability of creating new and innovative designs based on concept / trend cards. Entire product development is carried in-house to protect the styles and designs of the customers. All new products are designed and sampled targeting the price and quality specification of the customers

New Product Development

Leather Goods and Accessories Supplier from India